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our story

New beginnings.

After years of farming in Boulder County, we had an opportunity to start our own operation near Hayden, Colorado. We packed up our belongings, moved onto the farm property, and started building our beds as soon as the snow melted in spring of 2020. We now have a small, market garden style farm where we grow leafy greens, root vegetables, flowers and other crops that do well in the mountain climate where we live.

We take great joy in spending our days outside and tending to our crops as they grow from seed to harvest to market. We love to cook (and eat!) and we believe that the most vibrant and interesting flavors come from fresh food.


There’s no better way for us to live than to grow food and share it with people near and dear to us.

the farm

Mountain Bluebird Farm is located north of Hayden, Colorado and we sell our produce at the Steamboat Springs farmers market. We hope to have a CSA and sell direct-to-consumer in the future, so ask us about those opportunities. We grow a variety of leafy greens; root crops such as carrots, beets and radishes; cut flowers, and a seasonally-rotating selection of other fresh vegetables. 

Our Growing Methods

We use organic techniques and make every effort possible to maintain healthy soil and protect native flora and fauna. Tillage is kept to a minimum at our farm, and we do not use chemical-based fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Weeding is done with hand tools such as hoes, and soil fertility is maintained primarily through the use of compost and crop rotation.


We use very few mechanized tools on the farm and do most of our work manually. We care about our impact and choose to grow in a way that benefits the health of both our customers and the planet. We are always happy to answer your questions about the specifics of how and why we grow.


We Want To Hear From You

We love hearing from our customers! Whether you have a question, comment, suggestion or just want to say hi, we're all ears! 

Send us an email today and we'll get right back with you!


“We’re so excited to be growing for you, Yampa Valley, and we look forward to seeing you at Market.”

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