Hayden Pre-orders

Although we will no longer be set up with our full booth at the Hayden Market, we are still accepting pre-orders for those Hayden customers who want to keep getting our fresh veggies for the remainder of the 2020 season. Starting now, we will deliver your order to your doorstep! Send us your order from the list below and your address to by 6am Thursday morning and we will drop off your vegetables for you. We will arrange a delivery time with you or else you can leave a cooler on your doorstep where we will place your order. For payment, we can take cash, cards, personal checks or Venmo. We are implementing a $15 minimum for all pre-orders. 

  • Purple Winter Radishes - $4/bag

  • Collard Greens - $4/bunch

  • Kale Mix - $6/bag

  • Broccoli Raab - $4/bunch

  • Arugula - $6/bag

  • Hakurei Turnips - $4/bunch

  • Salad Mix - $6/bag

  • Cilantro - $3/bunch 

  • Spinach - $6/bag

  • Spicy Mustard Greens - $6/bag

  • Escarole - $4/head

  • Baby Carrots - $4/bunch

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